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FIBCE ‧ Asia Pacific Leading Flexible Packaging Container Exhibition

Focus on industry resources

"FIBCE 2024 Shanghai International Container Bags , Woven Bags & Valve Bags Exhibition " is the only procurement grand gathering that focuses on subdivided trade structure of flexible intermediate bulk containers exhibition, Focus on displaying the container bags , woven bags & valve bags, covering packaging dressings, bag making machinery, etc. The exhibition has been successfully hold for sixteen sessions according to market demand since founded in 2007, which has been highly appraised by exhibitors and buyers with an exhibition- returning rate of 80% and a growth rate over 30% for its strong professionalism and wide publicity level,a vast majority of the exhibitors are from well-known enterprises in the packaging industry at home and abroad. Their exhibits are substitute products of various traditional packages. Standing at the most frontier of the packaging industry, they represent unique directions for the domestic packaging industry. Spectators gathering here are over 60,000 professional purchasers with high-quality purchasing power coming from more than 20 Chinese provinces and cities and more than 40 overseas countries. As the direction of packaging industry development, it is doubtless that FIBCE is an optimal platform for you to contact powerful buyers, realize business communication cooperation, expand the emerging market, publicize and promote your brands, and extend your industry contacts at home and abroad.

Sketch industry tendencies

Rapid development of China's packaging industry in recent years is one of the factors affecting China's economic growth without a doubt. As predicted, the total output value of China's packaging industry will break through 3,000 billion in 2025. At that time, China will become the world No. 1 great power of packaging. Flexible packaging industry as the first major branch of packaging, its rapid development should not be underestimated. According to the prediction made by the International Packaging Research Commission, the global packaging industry preserves a growth rate of 4.2% from 2015 to 2025. For emerging markets in South America including Brazil, Chile and Argentina, its annual growth rate is 3%. The growth rate in the Southeast Asian market covering Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand AND Vietnam and the like is about 7%. However, the growth rate in Eastern and Central European markets involving the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and Russia is 4%. In terms of China, it is predicted to be around 7%. Without any doubt, China will hold its leading position in the global packaging industry by virtue of its super-large scale and super-high growth rate. Data of Freedonia Group as an authoritative American market investigation institution indicate that nearly half of the global packaging product demand growth amount is originated in rapidly developing Chinese market. In China, the packaging industry has turned into a "sunrise" industry with a huge development potential.

Be present at a globally leading professional flexible packaging exhibition

FIBCE is the globally leading most professional trading platform with the largest scale in the flexible packaging industry. In 2024, the exhibition area will reach more than 55,000s.q.m. where domestic and overseas well-known suppliers and high-quality professional purchasers with strong purchasing power will gather here to present a great event attracting extensive attention from the global flexible packaging industries.

Race to control a global market share

FIBCE 2024 focuses on facilitating domestic and overseas packaging industries to develop their own markets rapidly. At that time, it will attract more than 60,000 purchasers. Its overseas spectators occupying a proportion of over 37% mainly come from emerging markets in Southeastern Asia, South America, North America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe and Africa, etc. and some countries of high traditional packaging demands. Packaging purchasers of America, Britain, Japan, Germany, Korea, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Italy, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Russia, Turkey, Spain, Poland, Egypt and Mexico will attend the exhibition on the occasion.

Collect purchasers' information and cater to market demands

More than one thousand varieties of new products hit the market for the first time, covering the whole industrial chain of the packaging industry to exhibit container bags , woven bags & valve bags, covering packaging dressings, bag making machinery and smart packaging devices all-dimensionally. During the EXPO, FIBCE as a brand purchaser is specially invited. This further assists exhibitors in effectively promoting their corporate brands, discerning new development tendencies in the packaging industry and judging precisely a development direction of the packaging industry. As a wind indicator of the packaging industry, Shanghai International Packaging Products and Materials EXPO is being located in a core position of the packaging industry and ushers in the rapid development of this industry thanks to release of multiple new products and active participation of elites in the industry.

Improve your return on investment

Through years of development, FIBCE has accumulated a database including more than 800,000 spectators in the packaging industry and a high-quality inter-personal network of global packaging and purchasing enterprises. In 2024, there will be more than ten thousand of powerful buyers organized by over 50 domestic and overseas manufacturing associations attending the EXPO. The marketing channel will be expanded in a full view to lock the target buyers for you in a comprehensive and efficient manner. Through such a diversified channel, an overall publicity scheme covering a whole year will be provided to you. As a result, information and products about your enterprises can be issued intensively to improve your corporate brand images and maximize your return on investment.

Gather in a social circle of industry contacts

More than 600 famous enterprises, more than 100 flat network media, more than 50 domestic and overseas industry associations and more than 10 events of wonderful activities in the same period will be gathered during the EXPO, including agent conference, green packaging forum, commerce and trade pairing, packaging innovation carnival, signed gifts exchange, new product presentation, visiting as a group, etc.. At that time, a good opportunity for you to meet industry elites will be created, so is the most efficient social contact platform of business.

Diversify marketing channels and lock in the target buyers for you comprehensively and efficiently

HeXin EXPO explores profoundly in the packaging industry for more than ten years. Now, it has owned more than 800,000 items of data associated with the packaging industry, covering the target clients of a full range. In addition, co-organizers and partners distributed in more than 30 countries and regions in the world invite the target buyers regularly and directionally; and it also provides an all-dimensional diversified marketing channel including industry portal websites, search engine promotion, direct mail, E-newsletter, mass texting, social media, official exhibition websites and the like. In addition to being reported by more than 100 flat and network media at home and abroad in the entire process, spectators from China, America, Britain, Japan, Germany, Korea, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Italy, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Russia, Turkey, Spain, Poland, Egypt, Mexico and the like will attend the EXPO. Additionally, HeXin EXPO used to participate in more than 30 domestic and overseas industry exhibitions, annual meetings of the association and press conference. By virtue of more than 10 events of marvelous activities in the same period, it is an optimal opportunity for you to extend your social contacts in the circle. FIBCE 2024, except promoting the brand of the EXPO itself and organizing relevant spectator, also customizes a series of marketing solutions for you, including target client invitation, contemporary conference sponsorship, on-site advertising and the like. We make concert efforts with exhibition promotion, which is beneficial for you to lock your target client base efficiently and improve brand images of your company and products.

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