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FIBCE ‧ Asia Pacific Leading Flexible Packaging Container Exhibition

Leading fair in the packaging industry

" FIBCE 2024 Shanghai International Container Bags , Woven Bags & Valve Bags Exhibition " is the only procurement grand gathering that focuses on subdivided trade structure of flexible intermediate bulk containers exhibition, Focus on displaying the container bags , woven bags & valve bags, covering packaging dressings, bag making machinery, etc. The exhibition has been successfully hold for sixteen sessions according to market demand since founded in 2007, which has been highly appraised by exhibitors and buyers with an exhibition- returning rate of 80% and a growth rate over 30% for its strong professionalism and wide publicity level,a vast majority of the exhibitors are from well-known enterprises in the packaging industry at home and abroad. Their exhibits are substitute products of various traditional packages. Standing at the most frontier of the packaging industry, they represent unique directions for the domestic packaging industry. Spectators gathering here are over 60,000 professional purchasers with high-quality purchasing power coming from more than 20 Chinese provinces and cities and more than 40 overseas countries. As the direction of packaging industry development, it is doubtless that FIBCE is an optimal platform for you to contact powerful buyers, realize business communication cooperation, expand the emerging market, publicize and promote your brands, and extend your industry contacts at home and abroad.

At the forefront of the technology, numerous new products ensure you a worthwhile journey.

Since its foundation, FIBCE has always praised going greening and environmentally friendly highly and a concept of innovative packaging. It spares no efforts to forge a high standard exchange platform in the packaging industry. Rich and technologically advanced exhibits there are green and environmental-friendly. They have won consensus praise from exhibitors and spectators.

Gathering industrially well-known brands

FIBCE collects 600 the most cutting-edge brand suppliers of the packaging industry. Leading enterprises in the packaging industry join such a much-appreciated grand event one after another from different countries and regions such as the Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, America, Britain, Japan, Germany, Korea, Vietnam, India, Thailand and Italy. Famous suppliers gather here, and you can have a great view of new development look in the packaging industry.

First release of new materials, new products and new technologies on the one-stop purchasing platform

New packaging materials, new techniques in the industry and new products will hit the market and be presented on site on the exhibition for the first time, to present the most advanced trend of the packaging industry. In order to satisfy different budget demands and procurement requirements of buyers at various levels at home and abroad, theme exhibition areas for different varieties, different materials and different products will be established to improve purchasing efficiency, spare purchase cost and substantially elevate corporate profitability.

Interaction with peers of the circle, and presentation of marvelous activities on site

600 elite companies in the packaging industry gather in the EXPO, involving more than 1,000 packaging materials, packaging products, more than 100 flat and network media, more than 50 industry associations at home and abroad and more than 60,000 purchasers, to create a good opportunity for you to meet elites in the industry and effectively extend your social contacts in commerce and trade. In FIBCE, more than ten splendid new product release events will be prepared elaborately. Without any doubt, your visit will be tremendously enriched.

A globally leading packaging exhibition leads rapid and sound development of the packaging industry

In addition to comprehensively presenting the latest package manufacturing technique, new packaging materials and innovative and environmentally friendly packaging products at home and abroad, packaging products, packaging materials as well as packaging technology and the latest industrial trends will be interpreted here. Besides, the changes up to the minute in process and applications, etc. in the packaging industry will be also deeply and concentratedly presented. As a globally leading grand packaging exhibition in which countless industrial elites participate, it is directing rapid and sound progress in the packaging industry.

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