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FIBCE ‧ Asia Pacific Leading Flexible Packaging Container Exhibition

FIBCE 2024 will be grandly held on August 7-9, 2024 in Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition & Convention Center by Shanghai Hexin Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. as a leading brand of the exhibition in China. A distinguished offline trading and purchasing conference will be forged for 60,000 professional spectators. Attribute of the EXPO is "International Trade Exhibition". We hope that a new market may be expanded for flexible packaging at home and abroad by virtue of such a grand exhibition. Here, we present you ten advantages of FIBCE to show charms of the much-anticipated FIBCE immediately!

Advantage 1: Multiple famous brands gather together in FIBCE to create a leading one-stop trading and purchasing platform for flexible packaging in the Asian-Pacific region.

According to statistics of the present potential clients, more than 400 manufacturers will participate in the FIBCE, covering various container bags , woven bags & valve bags, and relevant packaging products, materials and machines. In addition to get in touch with massive high-quality suppliers, you will purchase under more professional and more valuable references.

Advantage 2: A professional exhibition mode to improve visiting efficiency

FIBCE is regionalized according to applications and textures of packaging products and materials, including multiple core exhibition areas of packaging such as container bag exhibition area, woven bag exhibition area, valve pocket exhibition area, woven bag machinery exhibition area, related materials exhibition area. Thus, your visit may become very simple and straightforward. HeXin EXPO takes advantage of its own years of professional experience in the exhibition industry to improve visiting efficiency of spectators in valid time, and ensure them to spend more time on profoundly communicating about and understanding the field to which they pay attention.

Advantage 3: Three days of exhibition avoiding the weekend and statutory holidays, which is beneficial for more professional buyers to be here for negotiations and purchasing

The booth decoration time of FIBCE 2024 is August 5-6, 2024. Its official time to visit is August 7-9, 2024. Therefore, the buyers have enough time to visit this exhibition. It is critical that exhibition period of FIBCE is kept away from the weekend and statutory holidays, which is to the advantage of professional purchasers to join it and generating extensive influence.

Advantage 4: The World EXPO Exhibition & Convention Center at a world top level may improve your participation experience and provide you with rapid and convenient traffic.

Over more than ten years, sizes of exhibitors and purchasers on FIBCE keep increasing all the way. Moreover, FIBCE 2024 will be held in Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition & Convention Center as usual. Considering that Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition & Convention Center is located at a transportation junction of Pudong New District, traffic here will be extremely fast and convenient. Based on a corporate philosophy of "Rooted in Innovation, Be Service Oriented", in addition to continuous summary, XinHe EXPO sticks to collect feedbacks and suggestions from exhibitors and spectators through various channels after FIBCE 2023 ends satisfactorily. Exhibition area layout is optimized and innovated for FIBCE 2024, to improve spectator mobility and balance people flow on different stands.

Advantage 5: FIBCE as a leading container bags , woven bags & valve bags exhibition in the Asian-Pacific region, has a scale going far beyond exhibitions of the similar kind.

Among professional container bags , woven bags & valve bags exhibitions, FIBCE 2024 opening on August 07, 2024 has an exhibition area exceeding that of any other container bags , woven bags & valve bags exhibitions held in China in the past. A larger exhibition area means that more manufacturers will participate in the exhibition and more container bags , woven bags & valve bags and relevant devices will be displayed on site. According to the preliminary statistics, there are about more than 400 manufacturers at present participating in the exhibition to display nearly over 10,000 exhibits. In this way, spectators will see more exhibits of unique container bags , woven bags & valve bags to sufficiently master foresight of packaging industry development.

Advantage 6: Through more than ten years of accumulation, the packaging industry can acquire first-hand purchasing demands through a strong well-connected network.

As an exhibition host unit second to none in the packaging industry in China, HeXin EXPO always maintains a close relation with China's packaging enterprises, and has established a strong well-connected network in this industry. In 2024, HeXin EXPO will continue going deep into the market and going down into channels to build a strong relationship network for exhibitors and professional spectators by means of recurrent plant visiting, online marketing, and online/offline marketing activities, etc.. In this way, first-hand purchasing demands will be acquired so as to improve the influence of FIBCE.

Advantage 7: The exhibition will be promoted all-dimensionally at home and abroad without a dead corner.

Forging a sword in ten years with the original intention kept in mind, FIBCE dedicates itself to become an international trading platform having a professional scale and influence in global flexible packaging industry. Therefore, a school of its own will be developed naturally in terms of facilitating domestic and overseas influence in the industry. As the host unit of the exhibition, HeXin EXPO has comprehensively initiated its domestic and overseas marketing plan since August 20, 2023 from domestic markets to overseas markets, from online marketing to offline marketing. In other words, relevant marketing activities are conducted in an all-dimensional manner without any dead corner. An idea publicized by FIBCE 2024 is "Locking in the Asian market, continuing developing the overseas market and improving the influence of European, American, African and Oceanian markets".

Advantage 8: Successful hosting of more than ten sessions lays a solid foundation for FIBCE 2024.

The FIBCE 2023 Shanghai International Container Bags , Woven Bags & Valve Bags Exhibition were successfully held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center(Pudong New Area) on August 9-11, 2023. More than 530 industry leading companies in the exhibition hall of 50,000 m2. Over 1000 kinds of flexible intermediate bulk containers ,woven bags and packaging dressings. A total of 56,319 professional visitors had been attracted to visit the exhibition. They came from 38 overseas countries (USA, UK, Italy, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Denmark, Japan, Portugal, South Korea, Singapore, Latvia, Thailand, Russia, Ireland, the Philippines, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Egypt, Algeria, Iran, Israel, Kenya, Kuwait, Libya, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, Pakistan, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Turkey). The total of overseas spectators takes a proportion of 37%. Professional, true and high-quality spectators bring a large patch of potential clients to the exhibitors, which sufficiently give expression to a platform value, and a global brand influence and a rallying point of FIBCE. Successful hosting of the 14th EXPO practices the promise of the host unit with practical actions, and lays a firm foundation for FIBCE 2024.

Advantage 9: No exhibition without innovation

In China's packaging industry, environmental protection policy is implemented increasingly rigorous with continuous industrial upgrade in recent years. Due to unceasing rise of labor cost, more and more packaging plants begin to attach great importance to new packaging as a prerequisite for them to gain a new market. Therefore, exhibition theme of FIBCE focuses on innovative packaging and environmental protection. By virtue of offline activities and online media, new developmental tendencies and new fashion of flexible packaging in the world will be comprehensively presented for the industry.

Advantage 10: Forged by China brand exhibition, professionalism is sufficiently highlighted.

FIBCE 2024 specialized in container bags , woven bags & valve bags is hosted by Shanghai Hexin Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.. Over the past more than ten years, HeXin EXPO as the host unit of FIBCE has established powerful industry cohesion and appeal in China's packaging industry. Considering comprehensive promotion of the EXPO at home and abroad, it is believed that FIBCE's influence in China's packaging industry will be more significant.

Regarding professionals of the packaging industry, please believe that FIBCE 2024 hosted by Shanghai Hexin Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. will bring you more professional values without any doubt! Now, exhibition invitation is being sent. This is an opportunity that cannot be missed. For details, please contact us!

Being professional for success in the future, and serving to create values. HeXin EXPO hopes that a world market may be opened for you through this exhibition, so that your products and technologies can be pushed to the entire world. In addition, it is also anticipated that excellent opportunities can be provided for you to exchange with your peers and make progress. Jointly, we may push the packaging industry to a new upsurge of development. To realize your leap, FIBCE sincerely invites you to be present and join the exhibition!

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